cost effective surveying solutions

At Pyper Leaker, we are proud to offer a wide range of surveying services and expertise to support businesses and individuals in various industries.

Our surveying services cater to the following business types: construction companies, property and building managers, civil and environmental engineers, infrastructure service providers, architects and building designers, builders, telecommunication companies, government agencies, land developers, and land owners.

If your industry is not listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to assess your specific needs and determine if we can assist you.


We are proud to showcase a range of our surveying projects, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our team of experts has extensive experience in surveying and mapping, and we bring a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to every project we undertake.

From large-scale infrastructure projects to small-scale property surveys, our projects are characterized by their accuracy, precision, and attention to detail.

Browse our portfolio of recent projects to get a sense of the quality of work we produce and the wide range of services we offer. We are confident that you will be impressed by what you see and look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next surveying project.

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