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Licensed Surveyors
With a licensed surveyor, starting your project off on the right foot is easy. Learn how to acquire all the information you need about your worksite.

Selecting a Licensed Surveyor to Support Your Upcoming Development

Any given parcel of land could hide several secrets or surprises that only a licensed surveyor can uncover for a buyer, developer, or local council. Old improvements or buildings may lie partially or entirely off the parcel they’re assumed to occupy, for example. In other cases, differences in topography could present unforeseen obstacles to a construction firm gearing up for new development. Subdividing a property to prepare for new housing requires a great deal of detail-oriented work to prepare the necessary paperwork, too. Whether you must prepare for land development in Adelaide or you wish to purchase a piece of residential property, working with a proven surveying team can simplify an intricate part of the process.

At Pyper Leaker Surveying Services, we provide a complete array of tools to assist you in acquiring the information necessary to proceed. From settling boundary disputes to providing the data for precise levelling of a lot, we have the skills and versatility to meet even the most demanding requirements. With two decades of success behind us, we continue to look forward to delivering a high-value service for all our clients.

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The Importance of a Professional Land Surveyor

There’s no doubt that the services a surveyor provides are essential. What about the surveyors themselves? Does your choice of provider truly matter? The answer is an unequivocal “yes,” but you don’t need to take only our word for it. Consider the evidence that says your surveying partner makes a difference.

What You Should Know About an Identification Survey

Ident surveys are perhaps one of the most critical assets you have at your disposal when purchasing a piece of property. Without one, how can you truly know what land you own? Even long after a purchase, determining the boundaries and other information related to a plot of land may be essential for a new development. This information may also be needed to resolve disputes. What should you know about this service?

time. We are very attentive to your project timelines and will ensure that our end of the work is done on time every time.

What Sets Us Apart Among Surveying Companies in Adelaide?

Why should you choose Pyper Leaker when you require help from a commercial or residential surveyor in Adelaide? Over our decades in operation, we’ve worked tirelessly to differentiate our services from others. Here’s how we stand apart for you:

What You Can Expect from Us As Your Property Surveyors in Adelaide

What about the process for the services we provide? The kind of experience your surveyor delivers when contracted to perform work matters. We know this, and we go the extra mile for all our clients. When you engage our team, you can anticipate:

  • Fast responses. We understand you may be on a strict deadline, so we do not keep you waiting. When you require a survey, we produce results as quickly as possible. We work within your time frames.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Achieving value is vital to us. We structure our services so that your investment is a sensible one.
  • The experience necessary for working with a wide range of clients. We know that private developers and councils have different requirements. We don’t deliver a “one size fits all” service.
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What You Stand to Gain by Choosing Pyper Leaker Surveying Services

Working with a registered surveyor provides your development with the clarity and confidence necessary to proceed. When budgeting for construction and making plans, the information you can derive from our surveys often proves invaluable. With more than six decades of combined experience across our team, plus access to the latest technology, we aim to establish trust with our clients. Please get in touch today to find out more about how the Pyper Leaker team can support your newest undertakings.

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