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Selecting a Licensed Surveyor to Support Your Upcoming Development

Any given parcel of land could hide several secrets or surprises that only a licensed surveyor can uncover for an owner or new owner.

Old improvements or buildings may lie partially or entirely off the parcel they’re assumed to occupy. A licensed surveyor can disclose any encroachments onto or from the subject land. When you are preparing for a land development or you wish to purchase a piece of residential property, having a licensed surveyor identify any issues relating to the boundaries can save time and money or at least give piece of mind moving forward.

At Pyper Leaker Surveying Services, we have the team to assist you in acquiring the information necessary to proceed. 

With over two decades of success behind us, we continue to look forward to delivering a high-value service for all our clients.

the importance of a licenced surveyor

Licensed Surveyors are the only professionals licensed to carry out boundary surveys for existing and new boundaries. There is a high degree of precision and experience required. Your choice of a surveyor can influence the course of your project.


Identification surveys can be a very important step in purchasing a property. Without one, how can you truly know what land you own? Even long after a purchase, determining the boundaries and other information related to a plot of land may be essential for a new development. This information may also be needed to resolve disputes. What should you know about this service?

  • An identification survey serves to confirm that the boundaries of a property align with the officially recorded boundaries. Over time, unclear boundary lines may lead to encroachments that you may need to rectify.
  • Idenification surveys also reveal any existing easements. In some cases, these are utility easements, granted to provide utility companies with the ability to maintain their equipment where it crosses private property. In other cases, you may uncover unforeseen information that alters your future plans.
  • Property owners seldom have the most precise understanding of their boundaries, even when selling land. Some existing improvements may cross the boundary lines. Before purchasing or modifying property, it will be crucial for you to resolve these issues.


Why should you choose Pyper Leaker Surveying Services when you require help from a commercial or residential surveyor? Over our two decades in operation, we’ve worked tirelessly to differentiate our services from others. Here’s how we stand apart for you:

  • We have a team entirely dedicated to land development and multiple Licensed surveyors on staff, suitable for liaising with you and providing a high level of communication.
  • We leverage the latest technologies. Such tools enable us to produce richer reports that help you solve challenging boundary problems.
  • We provide a tailored service for supporting land development. No two surveying tasks are the same, we scale to meet your needs and provide the level of assistance appropriate for your project.
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