3D Laser Scanning

The surveying landscape has modernised through the addition of 3D laser scanning. This new form of technology is a non-contact method for reality capture in Adelaide. As qualified surveyors, Pyper Leaker Surveying Services assist with establishing boundaries either on land, air or water. It includes measuring distances and plotting points above and below the earth’s surface. The information gathered using BIM surveying is presented to construction and development services to adhere to legal requirements.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

There is little doubt about the benefits of a 3D survey as opposed to traditional measurement techniques. The inclusion of a 3D scanner has allowed the industry to become sophisticated and advanced. The scanners gather a significant amount of data in a short space of time, and the process works through obtaining images of a physical environment, highlighting the angles and distances.

A combination of these advantages results in a cost-effective solution for surveying.

  • There are times when construction projects require haste and conducting 3D scanning is ideal for capturing millions of data points in quick turnaround time. As a result, a surveyor dealing with a large space can complete the task faster than before. Additionally, the reason this form of surveying has gained traction in recent years is the reduction in hours the team have to be on-site, which in turn, minimises disruptions to existing projects.
  • Health and safety are critical elements to consider in the world of construction. In some cases, you’ll require a surveyor to capture measurements of an area that’s inaccessible or dangerous to enter. A surveying team that uses a 3D scanner doesn’t have to physically access these environments thanks to the remote abilities of the technology.
  • The technology of a 3D survey allows a contractor to collect detailed data, so much so that the risk of an error is reduced drastically. A surveyor that gathers comprehensive data eliminates the need for a site re-visit. With the recorded information, surveyors and clients have the opportunity to conduct virtual site inspections with interactive 360-degree image views. Additionally, if a site is in the middle of a historic or culturally-sensitive area, there’s no need to go in and disrupt any crucial factors physically.
Pyper Leaker Adelaide 3D Surveying Services

What You Should Know Regarding 3D Surveying

We’ve identified some of the key advantages you get when you trust professional 3D surveyors with your project. However, there are some misconceptions relating to when you should use a surveying team.

More professionals are gravitating toward using a laser scanner in the design aspect of a project even before building information modelling. To start the process early, the scan-to-BIM method is used to receive detailed data of the project.
The construction site involves several contractors, each with their unique requirements to complete their task effectively. Coordinating them is a challenge that we overcome by using laser scanning. The data that you receive from the reality capture surveys prevents conflicts in various systems such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC to mention a few. Laser scanning isn’t reserved for the start of the project and is used at multiple points to register milestones and transfer work to other contractors. Furthermore, it assists in logging errors and identifying solutions faster.
Due to the level of detail captured by laser scanning, it established a record of the property as it was built for both owners and building managers. If you’re ever thinking of conducting renovations, adding sections to your property or even entirely demolishing it, the data from the scan remains critical and helpful.

What To Expect from Pyper Leaker Surveying Services Regarding the Leica 3D Scanner

We are a company that has established ourselves as a cost-effective and highly efficient surveying service across South Australia. We have a dedicated planning team, and to provide exceptional customer service, strive to work according to your timelines. Whenever you require a professional quantity surveyor, consider these points.

We openly embrace new technology in all aspects of our business and are continuously seeking new, modern methods to create better solutions for our clients. A prime example of this dedication is our use of the Leica 3D scanner, which is fast, agile and precise. Adopting this type of technology enhances our ability to be effective.

Throughout our years of existence, we’ve gradually built our reputation in the industry by servicing some noteworthy clients. Our team was heavily involved in the construction process of Rundle Mall in Adelaide. Some of the other projects we’ve worked on include the North Adelaide Swimming Centre, the Quorn Swimming Pool and the Royal Flying Doctors Service to mention a few.

Even though we’ve quickly become a preferred provider of quantity surveying, we’re a modest company with a small, skilled and dedicated team. Additionally, our directors are either working on or overseeing your project, which is great for peace of mind. Whenever you hire us at the start of your project, you can be confident that all our skills and training is committed to your construction.

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