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A contour survey, also known as a topographic survey or a detail survey, is a method used to map the elevation of the land surface and identify its natural and man-made features.

The survey involves measuring and recording the elevation of points on the terrain at regular intervals, creating contour lines that connect points of equal elevation.

Our teams complete these types of surveys on residential size blocks right through to large broad acre sites for all types of projects. Our deliverables come in your requested formats to ensure smooth workflows.


Common Problems with Contour & Detail Surveys addressed by Pyper Leaker Surveying Services

We took a good look at our industry and identified some problems with topographical surveys that might impact client satisfaction, then made sure to correct those issues. What were they?

• Slow results. The clock is ticking and the days keep slipping off the calendar, but your surveying team still hasn’t returned the information you requested several weeks ago. Deadlines are starting to creep uncomfortably close. This problem proves frustrating even for seasoned project managers, and this is one of the reasons why we try to produce faster results without sacrificing quality.

• Opaque teams and poor communication. When you need answers, why should you need to play a game of telephone tag, or draft dozens of emails? We are highly accessible and provide solutions as soon as possible.

• Uninspired service. Did the plan and details you received miss essential data, or misunderstand your brief? We promise always to put 100 percent of our effort into every job.

benefits of
our contouring surveying

It’s vital to ensure you make a smart investment when you enlist help in performing control surveys and subsequent topographic analyses. What are the advantages of the results and reports we create for our clients when you ask us to take full advantage of the GIS, or geographic information systems, technology?

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What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Your Contour & Detail Survey

Essentially, surveying is all about gathering and presenting information in a sensible format. If you receive a jumbled report, you may run into more problems than you hoped to solve. Our team puts in the effort to ensure your topographical survey is reliable. When you use our services, please anticipate the following:

  •  The most modern technology. From our 3D scanning equipment to the latest advances in terrestrial surveying equipment, we use the power of technology to collect the required data for our clients.
  • Detailed drawings presented in a clearly understandable manner. We work with you to ensure we understand your workflows. This enables our data to be used by you efficiently. We believe that good communications are essential to success in our industry. Our drawings and data are easy to understand, and if you have questions, we always have the answers.

About Pyper Leaker Contour Surveying Services

At Pyper Leaker Surveying Services, we have cemented our reputation as a leading surveying company within Adelaide and greater South Australia, delivering cost-effective, punctual and efficient solutions for our customers.

We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of your project to deliver relevant and accurate information every time.

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